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To Companies

We welcome enquiries from our business partners who need bus charter/wheelchair transport for your clients/customers. Do link up with us for collaboration.

  • Destination Management Companies(DMCs) who require bus charter service/wheelchair transport for their travellers.

  • Tourist attractions, hotels or any agencies that require bus charter/wheelchair transport for their customers.

  • Nursing homes who wish to recommend wheelchair transport for their residents.​

Wheelchair Transport Providers

Our company motto is 务互 meaning mutual understanding, respect and trust so we are always on the lookout to work with individuals or companies who are also in the bus charter business to collaborate and expand our network so that we can offer our best services to our fellow Singaporeans.


If you are also a wheelchair transport or bus charter provider with relatively new and clean vehicles that can comfortably accommodate a minimum of 6 passengers, do get in touch with us.


We strive to serve our customers with care and respect.

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Hp: +65 9827 5138

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